Little set back

Hi everyone, well I was dealt a bad hand recently. I was diagnosed with leukemia and am currently in the process of making a strong recovery. All my tests and treatments have been going as expected and I am about a week from release and moving toward stem cell transplant. I appreciate the messages of concern I have received and the outpouring of support that has been being motivating me to keep my chin up. I’ll update as we go along in this fight. Thanks and love you all.


New shop

The moving of the. Shop from the garage to the basement is moving along. (Slowly) I recorded part of the upcoming video there yesterday, got a lot of new (ish) equipment to arrange and help achieve. Chi, looking forward to it I’ll keep you updated.

new pics

added new pics to the site, still in the learning phase (enjoying that new website smell). weather is finally starting to swing toward tolerable. will attempt to do a project video over next few days. thanks for the support and be safe. Oh also if you haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel that would be AWESOME and greatly appreciated.


I am going through my phone and around house taking pictures of past projects for the website. Thanks for your support and patience.